Fender Bender of Love

Yes, we bought a van. That's a story for another post. 

Yes, we bought a van. That's a story for another post. 

My home is dry. My work is dry. My family is safe and healthy. I am blessed. This morning as I was backing out of my parking space at Walmart, I looked both ways. As I eased out I heard a "bump." It was not very hard because I was barely moving, but I did, in fact, hit a car. I pulled up and jumped out of my car. I felt horrible and as soon as I realized they were safe and sound, I told them I would give them my insurance card. 

The lady in the vehicle said that she was watching a boy walking across the aisle and she was afraid that they were going to hit him because he wasn't watching for cars. She said that her husband stopped the car abruptly and I probably didn't see them stop as I was looking both ways.

I told her it didn't matter and I should have watched more closely. Her husband parked their car and looked at the damage. I was stilling digging for my insurance card. As soon as I found it, her husband walked over and said that they could buff it out and we were not going to worry about it.

I tried to insist that he take my information and get it fixed. Her words were, "if you are alright, so are we." I nodded and the truth be told, I was fighting back tears. I wish I would have gotten their names because I want to thank them for their kindness publicly. They looked familiar so I'm posting this on Facebook so maybe someone will share it and maybe they will know how much I appreciate them.

Although I was not directly impacted by the flood, the flood will have a lasting impression on me. Last year, 2016, was a political year and it was rough. Politics can bring out the worse in humanity. Arguments were rapid, feelings got hurt and it brought a storm to the morale of humanity in the US. I do not wish the flood on any human, but I feel so blessed to live in a town where people can forgive someone in a split second. I feel blessed to live in a town where material possessions are less important than people. I feel blessed to live in a town where we have more volunteers than flood victims. I feel blessed to live in a country where people, organizations, churches and the government comes to our rescue when we have nowhere to turn but to them.

When Lucy was diagnosed with cancer, it was the worse time in my life. I think that is obvious to everyone. Looking back now at that experience, my husband and I do not think about the pain first. We think about the love of our community far and wide first. The experience of being recipients of endless generosity and love will forever be the most impactful time of my life. 

I hope after we rebuild our community, we continue to care for each other as much as we do right now. I hope everyone is as generous as they are right now. I hope everyone looks after their neighbors as family as they do right now.

Show Me strength West Plains, Missouri. God's got this.