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Good and Inexpensive Skin Care

Good and Inexpensive Skin Care


First of all, I DO NOT consider myself a beauty blogger. With that said, I was introduced to 3 products for me and my son (who has eczema) that I would like to share. The first is Aquation. I received a coupon from Influenster and I was in the market to buy some new face moisturizer. When I tried it out for myself I realized that it did not have a fragrance. I know this is not exactly appealing to most people, but this is a BIG + for people with eczema. We have yet to find anything that works well with Charlie, so instead of my face, it went on his body. We've tried it for a week and his skin is actually getting softer. It's not cracking as much. It still peels on his palms and feet, but it's not rough.

COST: $7.94



Now for the second. A year (or more) ago I received some products in the mail from PRIM Goods. I also received an email asking me to review them. There were soaps, a lip balm and some sugar scrub. I tried them out. I will admit, I didn't put a lot of focus on this generous gift. I put them under my sink with all the other access personal hygiene products and didn't think about them. That was until my knees became EXTRA dry this winter. I don't mean a little dry, like embarrassingly dry. They even cracked at some points.

That's when the box of products came back out from under the sink. I pulled out the sugar scrub. To my surprise, it IMMEDIATELY worked! My knees and shins were soft again.

To sweeten this deal, the story behind PRIM goods is awesome. These products are made locally by women at Primrose Hill. What is Primrose Hill?

"Primrose Hill is a non-profit, faith-based organization affiliated with Teen Challenge USA. Primrose Hill is a 12-month, residential recovery center for women and women with young children who have drug and alcohol addictions. Primrose Hill Teen Challenge is one of only a few centers where children can stay with their mother during recovery."

COST: $12




The third item is back to trying to find a face moisturizer. I know many products fall in the category of "you get what you pay for," but I can't seem to bring myself to purchase expensive beauty products. Maybe my time will come when I'm not paying off my student loans and paying for two kids to go to preschool/daycare. However, right now I am low budget. With that said, I still want a good product. Well, I think I found one. The brand e.l.f. has been producing a line for Walmart and I'm digging it.

I recently tried their face moisturizer and it's definitely hydrating. I have patchy skin. My cheeks get oily and my forehead gets dry. I hav texture and it's just a mess at times. It's only been a week and I can already tell that my face is more even and my makeup goes on smoother.

COST: $8



Those are my recommendations for skincare. I hope that helps those of you looking for good and inexpensive skin care!

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