New Hair and Youtube


I am doing something a little scary. I posted a video on Youtube. There are people called YouTubers. Who knew, right? I'm fascinated... to the point of a little obsession. There's no better way to learn something new than to actually just to do it, so I did it! AHHHHH!

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Here's some information that is not included in the video.

  • Marc is fine. (watch the video so you understand what I'm talking about)
  • Andrea picked the hairstyle.

Here's a link to the video and my YouTube channel: My Somo Life YouTube Channel

I have a lot to learn. I went vertical instead of horizontal a few times. I need to practice editing. I need to get in a routine for editing time. It took a LOOOOONG time to edit. I didn't even do a lot of flashy filters. It's fun and it's a creative outlet.