Dear Overtime Overhaul, - Sincerely, A Working Mom


Dear Overtime Overhaul, I've been quiet. I can't be quiet anymore.

I have worked really hard to get where I am in my career. I would tell you all of my accomplishments and experience, but this post is not about my resume. This post is about how the overtime overhaul is not going to help me.

I love my job, however I want to do more. I want my dream job. It's within reach if I work really hard and prove myself. I do not want to stop until I get it. I have a laptop I take home every night and I open it to check on a few things with work after the kids go to bed. I manage various social media accounts for work and I'm constantly researching ways I can utilize them better. I constantly network, meeting new people that may be able to help me reach my professional goals. I don't quit at 5 p.m. I never have. It's the way I was raised and it was the way I was trained.

I chose my profession because I love it. I chose my profession because I'm good at it. It's not a secret that the business world is a man's world. I'm okay with that because I've learned to hang with the boys. I'm not mad at the world. It's not easy being a working mom, but it's a life I chose. I work really hard and long, while I still manage to kiss my kiddos' booboos and make it to the soccer games. I can be detail-oriented at work, while I still manage my kids schedules', plan the birthday parties, do the laundry, grocery shopping and so much more a mom has to do. I juggle and juggle and juggle. That's okay. I chose it. I love it.

My mom taught me that working moms can be great role models. That's what I want to be for my daughter. I want to teach her that she can do and be anything she wants as long as she works really hard. Being a woman in the business world is not easy, but it's possible, rewarding and fulfilling. I'm not mad at the world. I chose to have big dreams. I am choosing to dream bigger. I want my dream job and I'm within reach. In order for me to get this job, I will have to work extra hard to build my resume. I will have to work extra long to prove my dedication. I will have to work more than the other guy.

Oh wait. I can't because overtime overhaul is going to cap me to 40 hours a week. Thanks, you just capped my dreams. You see you didn't help me by giving me time with my family. It's my choice what career I choose. It's my choice to stay at a position that requires more than 40 hours. It's my choice if I go above and beyond the call of duty. You didn't give me freedom or more money. You took my choices away.

I can go into a men's restroom now, but I can't work harder and longer. Wow.


A Working Mom