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Spring Time w/Bambi

Spring Time w/Bambi


Spring 2016 might as well be with Bambi. Does that reference seem odd? This is why. I see flowers this year. My grandfather, Grandpa Ang, loved flowers. Even though he never claimed to put them in the best locations or to have an eye for a perfectly orchestrated flower garden, he planted them anywhere. My father is now in his 60s and has found the love of flowers too. He bought a zero turn lawn mower and my mom has planted a million flowers. Their yard might as well be a park.

It's beautiful. This year I see it.

flower 1.JPG

Charlie plays little league soccer and he's started practicing tee ball. My kids and I play outside. Last weekend they played in the water hose sprinkler. They both walked around barefooted. They both played on the swings.

It's beautiful. This year we play.


On May 11, my 2nd nephew was born. "Second" is irrelevant because my mother-in-law said it best, "new babies are special and exciting every time." I love being a mother. I love my kids. Being a mother is my favorite job. HOWEVER, being an aunt is the second best thing. I LOVE being an aunt. I love seeing my sister-in-law and brother-in-law being parents again.

It's beautiful. This year we love.


The last few weeks have been fun. The weather is nice and the kids get to be kids. They get to discover the world. Do you understand the title yet? If not, type "Spring Time w/Bambi" in the Google's search bar. Look at the pictures that pop up and you will understand Spring 2016. Those pictures describe Spring time after cancer.

God's got this.

Dear Overtime Overhaul, - Sincerely, A Working Mom

Dear Overtime Overhaul, - Sincerely, A Working Mom

Writing for Me

Writing for Me