Writing for Me


I attended a funeral yesterday. It was my great aunt. This one was a little difficult for my father, in particular, because it was the last of that generation. My grandfather, who passed away more than 10 years ago, has all of his brothers and sisters (including in-laws) with him now. I found out something about my great aunt that I didn't know. She was a writer. When she couldn't sleep, she would write poetry. When I meet someone who likes to write, I immediately feel like I know their hearts. I think all writers have this NEED to get things out on paper (or on the screen in my case).

Athletes need to go to the gym. Musicians need to play. Singers need to sing. Carpenters need to build. Writers need to write.

In the midst of loss, I gained perspective. I have been writing with you, the readers, in mind. Most recently I have been considering primarily what you want to read. I have studied the analytics of the blog. I have tried to stay current and write on topics that get the most page views and Facebook likes.

That's a disservice to myself and to you. I started blogging to tell stories and get this need to write out of my system. I lost some creativity because I've been worried about whether or not I'm getting enough hits.

Aunt Aileen, you reminded me that sometimes writing is our therapy. I need to remember to write for me. Thank you for writing. Thank you for leaving your poems for your family to keep. I hope to read them some day.