How much did we raise?


When your heart is bigger than your bank account you give all you can in order to heal your heart. That’s what happened to my community this weekend. Our heart is breaking for a family who has roots as deep as mine in SOMO. This family has had their heart broken three times in the last three years. They have faced difficult decisions. They have cherished the small things like sunshine on your face and fulfilling a chocolate milk craving. These small things became huge when childhood cancer is the grey cloud.

So what do you do when your neighbor and friend has a child who has been though more pain than most adults? In Caulfield, we have a pie supper and benefit auction. It’s a tradition of the Ozarks – look it up on Wikipedia or watch the Pie Supper episode of Gilmore Girls.

I feel the need to put this in prospective and explain the extraordinary hearts of the place I call home. I live in a place where every dollar of income already has a bill to pay. I live in a place where people mean more than money. I live in a place where we take care of each other regardless of blood relations. I live in a place where when people hurt, we all hurt on some level. I live in a place where prayer requests meet helping hands and open wallets.

So when the Caulfield Community Building opens its doors, the people flood in to help. They leave with yummy pies and cakes as well as items donated from restaurants to a custom made bench. These people wear their hearts on their sleeves and they left $19,000 to show for it.

They left $19,000 they actually needed, but decided the another family needs it more.


From one cancer patient’s mom – I helped and I gave some money to this family because I can’t figure out what else to do. I want to give them hope. I want to give them hope so bad! I want to scream and cry and yell and…

I feel so desperate because I want to help and I know first-hand that there is nothing I can do outside of prayer!!!

Our community hurts for them and I hope they know there are so many people here who are here supporting them. I hope they know they can ask us for anything.