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3 Things to Pack

3 Things to Pack

I typically do not post product reviews. However, I've packed bags for the hospital more than 10 times and I have a few essentials. So here are my words of wisdom. #1 Comfortable Shoes

My sister and my mom have plantar fasciitis, therefore I'm paranoid with my feet. I found these Sketchers flip flops. They are super cushiony, so I can stand for hours. They are also have a backstrap so they stay on when I'm chasing LJ around the hospital room.



#2 Lip Balm

Hospitals are dry. The air is literally dry, so lip balm is necessary. Eos Lip Balm is my pick. Maybe it's because it works for my big lips OR it might be because its like only $3.


#3 Dry Shampoo

Okay, let's be honest. Showers sometimes just do not happen. So you brush your teeth, put deoderant on and go on with life. With dry shampoo, I can illiminate greesey hair. That's just the truth. I've tried many brands of dry shampoo and the cheap stuff works just as well. Suave is around $5.




(BTW, I did not receive compensation or free gifts for this post. I literally just like these products.)

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