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Escape to Caulfield

I know I have said this many times, but I really do have the best family and friends. Here is proof. My parents know me… like REALLY know me.

They are close to my husband as well. My mom treats him like her own. Yes, she even “gets on to” him too. I think it was my Daddy, though, who realized that we needed to escape the medicines, the bandages, the... you get my drift.

He and my mom arranged for my sister to watch my kiddos so we could escape Saturday afternoon.

My parents, my husband and I took off to Cloud 9 Ranch in Caulfield on four-wheelers. The miles of trails, mud puddles, a wet weather spring and Vitamin D was exactly what I needed.


Marc and Creek

Yes, I was still mad last night. However, can you imagine what it would have been like without his escape?

Thanks Daddy. Yes, I call him Daddy. Sorry Yanks.


3 Things to Pack

3 Things to Pack

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