HELLO 2015

I KNOW IT'S LATE. I know that January is almost over and the "new" year is not new anymore.I have 2 kiddos that are still in diapers. Give me a break! Here is my New Year's post.


I love New Year's. I love the idea of starting new. 2014 was tough and I don’t want to dwell on that. I want to look forward to 2015. This is what will happen this year.

  • Charlie will be potty trained. Charlie
  • Lucy will crawl and maybe walk.
  • Daddy will reach 1-year-smoke-free! 1510547_10205144485715186_6373090703496200864_n
  • My Granny and Grandpa will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.
  • Mama and Daddy will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. mama and daddy
  • Sara and Chad will celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary. Sara and Chad
  • 2015 marks 15 years since God saved my sister’s life from the notorious horrific car wreck. chrisy

Many people do not do resolutions because they believe they never keep them. That may be true, but I always do a New Year’s Resolution. I might not accomplish my goals, but at least I try. Right?

This year my New Year’s Resolution is to take CONTROL. Last year so many things happened that made me feel out-of-control. Well NO MORE! I am in control of my life and things will not happen TO me. I will MAKE things happen. That includes my health, finances, career and whatever that comes my way.

Specifically, this is what I want to do in 2015…

  • Start a Bible study habit and pray more.
  • Reach my goal weight with the help of Weight Watchers and Jillian Michaels DVDs.
  • Blog more… like a lot more now that I have a sleeping baby girl.
  • Be done with credit card payments and medical bills.
  • Appreciate my husband more.

Yes, I admit that’s a lot of resolutions. I’m FLAWED. Don’t’ JUDEGE!

Look out 2015, get ready!