>Why do I ask?


I was on the hunt last night to find a new professional outfit. I consider myself a seasoned shopper, so I know what stores carry clothes to fit my awkward body shape. JC Penny and Maurices are my stores of choice.
Last night, I had good luck, but I was alone. I needed an opinion. For those of you who know my husband, you know he has one of those, a few in fact. So I decided to buy all the clothes I liked, take them home, try them on and get his opinion. I would return the losers later.
Marc is my best friend and he is unlike many guys, in the idea that he really tries to care about things that I care about. I love this about him – most of the time.
So, like I was saying, last night I found a bunch of clothes that I liked. I really liked. I just didn’t know which outfit I liked best. So I asked him. Big mistake. I won’t go into details, but everything I tried on was, “It’s okay, but…”
This is Marc's choice for me.

Keep in mind, that I really liked all of the outfits. So I was on Cloud 9 and his, “…but…” dropped me down to fat farm. I think I was actually called a linebacker at some point last night.

I wore this with a collared short sleeve shirt. This is the linebacker outfit.

It’s not his fault. I don’t blame him. I asked for it.
He’s a guy and even though he tries really hard to be sensitive and interested, he is still a guy. He never tries to hurt my feelings or lower my self-esteem on purpose; it’s just how guys are equipped. It’s in their blood. I shouldn’t punish him for trying.
But still, a LINEBACKER!