>I'm reminded


I moved out of my parents’ house (and out-of-state) into a dorm room when I was 18 years old. I spent three summers living in their house since then. I absolutely loved my childhood. I loved being a country girl. I loved living less than a half of a mile from my grandparents. I loved only seeing cows, dogs, horses, grass and trees from my front porch. I loved not ever having to lock the doors to the house or to my car.
After college my career (my dreams) took me away from the precious Mayberry-like town of Caulfield, MO. I landed in Little Rock, AR and am trying to make it home for me and my husband. If we have to live in a city, there is no better city for a small town girl than this one. From the tremendous amounts of restaurants to my church family, to my friends that have decided to make Little Rock their home too – I am truly blessed. Once in a while, I forget how much I miss my real home (AKA Caulfield)…until I get this in the mail:
A sweet present from my Mama.
The Hitchin’ Post (Caulfield’s café) can be replaced with Outback Steakhouse. The arena where we watched rodeos and horse shows can be replaced with the Arkansas Travelers. But nothing, I mean nothing can replace my Mama.
I’m reminded.