>Hobbiless and Happy


I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time. The idea of a blog somehow seems glamorous and romantic. I think Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex And the City” was the first blogger. She actually wrote a column in a New York City newspaper. But it’s all the same. There’s a topic. There’s a writer. There’s an audience. All of this equals a blog.
Although it is something that I truly want to do, to be honest it’s already a hassle. Just thinking about writing a blog has caused some added stress in my life. Stress is never something I wish for, however I keep wishing that I would find a topic to write about.
I’ve done my research though. Many of the most successful blogs have somewhat of a theme such as:
·         Music
·         Food
·         Babies
·         Crafts
·         Decorating
·         Pets
·         Sports
I’ve read many…many…many blogs and I understand that in order to write about the same thing day in and day out, one must be – well, let’s face it – OBSESSED. I understand if you disagree, but I cannot imagine writing about the same thing over and over and over, unless I was passionate about it. (According to Fancy Nancy, passionate is a fancy word for obsessed – or maybe it’s the other way around. Who knows. Ask Nancy).
So, I continued my research. Next topic: ME. What am I obsessed with?
I like music, but (despite my name) I’m not a musician. According to my husband, I can barely sing. I enjoy concerts, but I’d rather watch a baseball game. I’m officially not obsessed with music.
I like food – goodness knows I do. But I’m not a chef. I’m actually a really picky eater. I like to cook, but I’d rather have someone cook for me. I’m officially not obsessed with food.
Babies. Let’s just move on.
I admire my mother’s skills when it comes to making things from scratch. From Easter dresses to curtains, she has a gift. I do not. I’m officially not obsessed with crafts.
Decorating. I decorated our house. The entire time I was doing it I was dreaming about the day when it was done, so I could move on with my life. I’m officially not obsessed with decorating.
I have two dogs, Lulu and Tubby. I love them to death. I do not let them in our bedroom. I do not dress them up in clothes. I do not kiss them. I do not talk to them like they are human babies. I’m officially not obsessed with my pets.
I like to play softball. Am I good? I was about 15 years ago. I don’t really play any other sports. I like to watch live sports more than on television. We have two televisions so my husband can have his ESPN time. Therefore, I’m officially not obsessed with sports.
I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an average lady with an average life. Some might say that is boring, but I’m happy. I like to play softball and play with my dogs. I like to watch movies with my husband and explore new restaurants. I don’t consider these hobbies though and I’m definitely not an expert either.
If I consider these hobbies, then I have to admit that watching television, stalking people on Facebook and playing Bubble Buster on my Droid are all hobbies too. Those three things are a bit lame and I don’t want to divulge to anyone how much of my time they really take up in any given week.
So I guess that makes me hobbiless and happy.
However, I still have no idea what this blog will end up being about? Does it matter? Probably not. If you stop reading, it won’t mean I will stop writing.
Someday I will find my obsession. For now I have to figure out what my next post will be about. Maybe I am boring. Oh well.
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