Viva Las Vegas

I admire Julie for focusing on her marriage instead of the wedding. I think there are many brides who are in love with the wedding instead of the man. I think there are many brides who begin their marriage in wedding debt for a 10-minute ceremony. I think many brides forget that it is the union that is important, not the extravagant wedding cake. 

A Golden Memorial Day

He walked silently back to our vehicle. Just before we got in, he turned around and asked me, “Why do kids die?”

I swallowed the big lump in my throat and tried to suck the tears back into my eyes. I took a big deep breath and got down on my knees so I could look at him in his big blue eyes.

Fender Bender of Love

I hope after we rebuild our community, we continue to care for each other as much as we do right now. I hope everyone is as generous as they are right now. I hope everyone looks after their neighbors as family as they do right now.

To guide us with the light of love

My eyes filled with tears and my kids became quiet. I pulled to the next window and got our food. My two ornery toddlers were still quiet. They asked me why I had tears. I told them that the vehicle in front of us bought our food. They asked why. This is what I said.

Writing for Me

She was a writer. When she couldn't sleep, she would write poetry. When I meet someone likes to write, I immediately feel like I know their heart. I think all writers have this NEED to get things out on paper (or the screen in my case).