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She Don't Know She's Beautiful

She Don't Know She's Beautiful

This is one of my favorite songs (even though it is grammatically incorrect).

She don’t know she’s beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don’t know she’s beautiful (no she’s not that kind)
She don’t know she’s beautiful
Though time and time I’ve told her so
— Sammy Kershaw

Every time I hear that song, I think about my mother. To be honest, I've always been told how beautiful my mother truly is and she has no idea. She's absolutely beautiful inside and out. I have always felt like I'm very fortunate to have such an inspiration and role model as my own mother.

My mom retired from a position where she served the farming community. Immediately after she retired her life took a turn to serving her family as we had one crisis after another. Even today, on her 60th birthday, she is sitting in the hospital while my uncle has surgery. (She's probably mortified that I just said her age and that I'm talking about her and not my uncle.)

A few weeks ago she told my sister and me, "Do NOT throw me a birthday party. Under the circumstances, I do not feel like it."

I would never disobey my mom, so I did not throw her a "party." However, my sister and I could not let a milestone pass by without some sort of celebration. So we orchestrated surprise outings with her sisters, girlfriends and her dear friend, John.

The first stop was lunch with former coworkers Wednesday.


The second stop was dinner with her girlfriends from church before Bible study Wednesday night.


The third stop was a pedicure with her sister, Wanda, and her great-niece, Kasey.


The fourth and final stop was a movie date with her other two sisters, Ruthie and Missie.


Now you are probably wondering what her husband and kids are going to do with her. Well, haven't you heard of a Birthday month? Stay tuned Granny Susie!

P.S. Uncle Freddie's surgery went well, which is her favorite birthday present!

God's got this!

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