In the Blink of a Horse's Eye

My pale little cowboy spent all weekend in the sun. 

My pale little cowboy spent all weekend in the sun. 

There are many moments of pride I experience as a parent. From their proactive kisses and hugs to learning new letters, numbers, and coloring in the lines. Parenting Lucy and Charlie has been the most challenging thing I have ever experienced, but it's also the most precious. (I know, every parent says that.)

Lucy is 3 years old now and Charlie will be 5 on Wednesday. I can see their little personalities come out a little more every day. They are learning what they enjoy doing and they are discovering their talents. 

Charlie started riding horses last year and this summer he continued the sport. He's a little older, so we got a little more serious. He's learned several fundamentals this summer while showing with his Papa, my dad. This weekend Charlie competed in Lead-In at the "Show of Champions" -- a horse show where members of multiple associations in Arkansas compete against each other. This is a 6-and-under class. 

I was literally beaming and my heart was exploding with each step they took in the class. These are the reasons why I was so proud.

  1. He tried so hard!
  2. He practiced each chance we could go.
  3. He listened to my Dad when he was teaching him what to do.

The result of all of that is that he won 7th places out of 19! My sister was laughing at me the whole time because I was squealing with excitement. I was pretty proud of myself that I didn't get crazy sentimental this weekend. I could have gone off on a tangent about how I use to ride with my Dad in Lead-in. I could have shed some tears about how fast Charlie is growing up. I'm just trying to live in the moment and enjoy life.

It will slip by in the blink of a horse's eye!