All in Family


We talked to her about Charlie's lifestyle. She asked us questions about his health history. I could see it in her face that she couldn't pinpoint his hives either. She then said that we would do allergy testing today. Here is the nitty gritty.

Our 1st Mountain

About once a week Lucy wakes up and says, "Where's Broc?" and I know she had a dream about her cousin. If Charlie doesn't spend every Sunday with Broc, he starts talking about him and asks to go to Chrisy and Matt's house. When Marc Hubbell plays tball with Charlie in our yard, he mentions how he wished he had time to play catch with Broc.

Coverup This Bad Mom

I never considered myself a tomboy nor a girly girl. I fall somewhere between yoga pants and hair spray. After a year of stress, I found myself staring in a mirror determining how many wrinkles emerged from my face. After I named the 2 lone rangers, Lucy and Jo, I also decided I might want to make an effort on my makeup. Youtube became my best friend. I learned that I like makeup. It's like art.