Who is Charlie's Local Hero?


My little Charlie is a sweet spirit. From the time he could hold a ball at 18 months, Marc has been playing catch with him. Charlie loves to impress Marc and hear his Daddy cheer for him even if it's in our living room. He likes to make people smile, so he's perfected his touchdown dance. Part of my job at Missouri State University-West Plains is to attend the Grizzly volleyball and basketball games to run the BLUE ROOM, the Grizzly Booster Club Hospitality Room. Although I work after hours, I am fortunate that I get to bring my family along. Charlie loves it. He eats buckets of popcorn and watches basketball with his Daddy. These are memories that the kids will remember forever.

Marc gets animated when he disagrees with a referee or there is an amazing play... and so does his son. With all of the mimicking going on, Charlie has also found a favorite player... Lane Duncan. He cheers really loud when Lane gets off the bench and enters the game. Charlie yells even louder if he scores. If the announcer says, "Lane Duncan," Charlie immediately looks around for his local hero.

After the homecoming game this weekend, Charlie grabbed my shirt to pull me close. He pointed out on the court where Lane was standing and says, "Will you take a picture of me with Lane?"

So this happened.


I know that some people wish their kids did not look up to athletes as role models, but I like that he looks up to Lane. I don't know Lane well even though I work on the campus. I do know that he has good sportsmanship and he appears to be a humble human being. Charlie picked him for some reason to be his favorite -- maybe those two qualities are why.