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Life After Tonsillectomy

Life After Tonsillectomy


I decided that I have to start writing more and not wait until there is a health scare in my family. With that said, I thought I would update everyone on how Charlie is doing after his tonsillectomy. Before I do that. I will start from the beginning briefly. For as long as I could remember, Charlie has had a running nose, coughing, strep throat or something of that nature. A few months ago he broke out in hives multiple times in two weeks. The hives led an allergist visit. You can read the posts about that experience on my blog. To keep a long journey short, just keep in mind that he is on allergy shots to help with his many allergies. Also, the nurse giving his allergy shots checked his vitals, looked in his ears and then down his throat before his first shot. She noticed he had large tonsils and asked if we had ever noticed that. We said no. Later that week, he got strep. I looked in his throat and his tonsils were the same before he had strep. After he was well again, I checked his throat and his tonsils were still the same large size.

Moving on...

Still Charlie wasn't sleeping, which meant I was not sleeping. I know I know. Mothers can go a long way without sleep, but after 4 years of not getting a full week without getting up in the middle of the night to take care of a child, I was near my whit's end.

Charlie had his annual well-child checkup in October and so I brought up the crazy sleeping patterns Charlie had which were the following:

  • Snoring
  • Sleep walking
  • Talking in his sleep
  • Waving his arms around while sitting in bed
  • Moving all over the bed
  • Hitting his head against the headboard
  • Waking up without any reason
  • Waking up coughing
  • The weird list goes on and on

Our pediatrician (whom we love) recommended he have a sleep study. I agreed and we moved forward getting arrangements made with referrals and insurance. After I learned that my portion of the study would cost $700, I decided that maybe it was time for Mama Bear to step in and be my child's advocate and caretaker of my family's checkbook.

No, money isn't an issue when your child is sick. HOWEVER, my gut instincts were telling me that Charlie's tonsils were too big and impairing him to breath properly at night. If he's not breathing well, he's not sleeping well. My gut instincts were telling me that his weird behavior was because he never got into a deep sleep all deriving from his tonsils. I did not want to spend $700 for someone to tell me to send him to an ENT resulting in a tonsilectomy.

I called the pediatrician for a referral to the before the ENT and he obliged. I want to make sure everyone knows that I do not believe our pediatrician was just trying to rack up our medical bills. Our family has been through a lot with Lucy. Charlie's sleeping patterns could be symptoms of something VERY serious and our doctor did not want to overlook that. With that said, doctors do not have mothers' instincts. I cannot stress enough that mamas must stick to their guns and listen to their mothers instincts.

I digress. So the next week we are in the ENT's office in Springfield. Within five minutes of checking Charlie over, he recommends he take his tonsils and adenoids out. Within a week  of that visit, his had his surgery. Within a week of surgery Charlie is sleeping through the night! Not only is he sleeping, but he is sleeping and not moving. He wakes up in the same spot that he fell asleep. He sleeps 8-12 hours at night. Hallelujah!


If he is sleeping, then I'm sleeping. I haven't had this much energy in 4 years!!!

Please feel free to ask me questions about the procedure, any symptoms Charlie had, etc. I'm an open book when it comes to advocating for my family's health!

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