The 'c' Word Again

Lucy has never met a stranger. She gets that from her Pops. Her eyebrows curl when she's concentrating. She gets that from her Pops.

She's animated, loud and enthusiastic about life. She gets that from her Pops.

She doesn't take 'no' for an answer very well. She gets that from her Pops.


They have a lot in common. Someday soon they will have something else in common too. They will both be cancer survivors.

The 'c' word has hit our family once again. No one saw it coming. No one ever does. Chuck was diagnosed with prostate cancer this week and it feels unreal. It feels as if this is not happening again.

So the million dollar question is, what's the next steps?

  1. Chuck is going in for a CT and bone scans on Friday.
  2. We will meet with the doctor on Tuesday to get results, discuss options and come up with a game plan.

That's all we know. Well, that's not all we know. We know that God's got this.