Cancer is Haunting


September is childhood cancer awareness month. It's also my son's birthday month. It's the month when fall begins -- my favorite season. Can you tell that September is a special month to me? (I hate the fall allergies, though!) Cancer will always be a part of our life. I'm so thankful that Missouri State University provides its employees with really good insurance. We will definitely use it with yearly MRI's and routine blood tests. All of this is because cancer will forever be in Lucy's health history. It will also be noted in Charlie's health history. It will be noted in my grandkids health history too.

Cancer is haunting. Last week Lucy's blood was tested. Her AFP is 3! The monster is still dead.

Lucy spent a full day on Saturday with her Daddy. Her brother got undivided attention from his Mama.


This was a change of pace. Mama missed her girl. Daddy was exhausted.

Life is good. God's got this.