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Charlie has had eczema from the time he was a wee little one as well as lactose intolerant. He's been on antihistamines and now on singular for environmental allergies. Without these medications, his eczema gets out of control and his nose runs like a freight train. This is Charlie's normal. He knows he can't have cheese or ice cream. If he forgets he will run to the bathroom with a tummy ache immidiately afterward. He doesn't forget often (right Chrisy?). Charlie knows he has to take his medicine in the morning and he reminds us if we forget. He's a smart little boy and he takes care of himself and his allergies. He knows what to do... well he did until August 24. That's when the hives started. We did what Google and my mom told me to do. We washed him with soap and water. We did what our nurse friend told us -- Benedryl and Zyrtec. We even went to the doctor and he put him on steroids. Still, the hives kept coming back. Luckily the doctor already referred us to an allergist. That appointment was today.

We talked to her about Charlie's lifestyle. She asked us questions about his health history. I could see it in her face that she couldn't pinpoint his hives either. She then said that we would do allergy testing today. Here is the nitty gritty.

  1. Charlie sat on my lap facing me.
  2. The nurse cleaned his back and then wrote on his back.
  3. She then poked his back 40+ times with samples of what he could be allergic to.
  4. He screamed.
  5. He cried.
  6. He cried.
  7. He screamed.
  8. I gritted my teeth.
  9. Marc held his hands behind my neck.
  10. It was rough.


Here are his known allergies.

  1. Tree nuts
  2. Peanuts
  3. Basically nuts
  4. Including walnuts
  5. Walnut Trees
  6. A few other trees
  7. Ragweed
  8. A few other weeds
  9. Soy
  10. Dairy
  11. Dogs
  12. Cats
  13. Horses

Yes, we have a dog in our home. Yes, Charlie rides horses. AWESOME!

The plan.

  1. Charlie is going to get allergy shots. We decided he can't be in a bubble forever. This is about his quality of life. He's playing outside and he loves animals. We don't want his allergies to hold him back.
  2. He will ride in the Show of Champions on his horse. This is the last horse show for the season. We will keep Benedryl handy. He will then avoid horses until next season. By then we should see a change in his allergies.
  3. We are looking for a temporary-possibly-permanent-home-for-Lulu (our dog). If the allergy shots work, we want to bring Lulu back into our home. If they don't work, Charlie's health comes first. (I don't want to talk about this point. I've had Lulu for 9 years.)

For those of you wondering. I will probably try some essential oils along with all of this.

Oh the joys.

God's got this.


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Put on a Smile

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