Our 1st Mountain


About once a week Lucy wakes up and says, "where's Broc?" and I know she had a dream about her cousin. If Charlie doesn't spend Sunday with Broc, he starts talking about him and asks to go to Chrisy and Matt's house by Tuesday night. When Marc plays baseball with Charlie in our yard, he mentions how he wished he had time to play catch with Broc. Every year Broc gets older, I remember when he was born. I remember that this was the first time I saw a baby in an incubator. Broc had a pneumothorax, which is a fancy word to say that he had a collapsed lung. Because the nearest NICU was not in the town Chrisy gave birth, she had to stay and Matt and his Mom went to be with baby Broc. Because they were both beside themselves, Chrisy did not trust either of them to drive. So, God gave me the strength to drive Broc's Daddy and Grammy to be with him.

God had a plan and he put Broc in my life for a reason. Broc had a minor health issue when he was born to teach me to be strong for babies. God knew that Broc's little cousins would have taller mountains to climb. Broc helped me help my babies climb those mountains

Now Broc is 11 years old and he is conquering mountains every 11-year-old boy should climb like reading the Dork Diaries, Catching fish and practicing baseball. I am so proud of you kiddo!

Happy Birthday Broc-Lee!

God's got this one too.