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Parenting IS TOUGH!

Parenting IS TOUGH!


Am I the only one that questions almost every decision I make for my kids? Do they eat too much McDonalds?

Should I switch lotions for Charlie?

Should I buy Essential Oils?

The kids like music, so should I put them in piano lessons?

Are they in too many activities?

Do we pray enough with them?

Do they have too many toys?

Do they have educational toys?

Am I reading enough to them?

Do I give them enough time?

Do they sleep enough?

I haven't saved any for college because I'm still paying my student loans. Should I save pay less and save for them?

Do they see family enough?

Do I discipline them appropriately?

Am I too hard on them?

Do they get by with too much?

The list goes on and on and on.

Charlie was in a horse show this weekend. The show was 3 hours away. It was miserably hot. We had both kids. His class was during their usual lunch time and nap time. He had a fan club of family and friends on the bleachers. This is how it went down.

We arrived. We signed him up. We got him dressed. He rode. We left.

Even though many people drove hours to see him, the kiddos (and their parents) did not have a lot of patience left to sit and visit. When older kids can eat a hot dog and sit in the heat to talk to people, toddlers do not. They have no patience. They were hot, hungry and tired and nothing else mattered.

So now I have a new question. Are horse shows worth the hassle for 5 minutes of riding time???

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