Cancer is Contagious


Is cancer contagious? You are probably thinking I've lost my mind, but I haven't. I am wondering if it's contagious because I found out someone else is in the midst of being tested to confirm the doctors' suspicions of cancer. This would be the 3rd person this week. I've lost track of everyone who is battling now. I started counting a month or so ago, but now I don't know my total. FullSizeRender

I lost track! I'm serious. I can't even name everyone I know or "know of" that has cancer. It makes me furious. I'm seriously mad. I'm not mad at anyone in particular, but I'm made that people have to fight this stupid ugly monster. Will this monster ever DIE!

This is my rant. Now here is my fear.

Who is next? None of my immediate family have cancer, but is it a matter of time? Seriously. It seems as if everyone is being diagnosed. Is it my turn?

Lucy is cancer free, but maybe we aren't done with the monster.

I. Hate. Cancer.