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Lucy is healthy. Deep breath. She's healthy. For real. It's been a year since the monster was ripped from her body. Literally. She had her 1-year-post-surgery-MRI-checkup yesterday.


She's healthy. She's cancer free. #WINNING

Her AFP is 2.4. Because it's well within the normal level. Her monthly AFP blood draws well be changed to every 3 months for the next 12 months.

Her MRI showed no new growth. It only showed scar tissue. GOOD NEWS: The next MRI will be in 1 year. Not in 3 months. Not in 6 months. She won't have to go under anesthesia for another 12 whole months!

Her hemoglobin is a bit low, which means she's a little anemic. Does anyone have any recommendations on multivitamin with iron for children?

I thank God Lucy is cancer free and healthy. I'm so excited to continue living!


With all of that said, I sometimes feel guilty because I know so many people who are not as lucky as we are in the fight against cancer. In fact, another member of my small community was diagnosed.

I HATE CANCER. As my kids are getting older, our family will be involved in different ways to fight cancer. I will post about those later. Regardless, keep praying. We need a cure for all cancers. Not everyone has a curable cancer like Lucy does.

God's Got This.



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