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Every. Single. Day.

Father’s Day came and gone and Marc did not get a gift. We chose to not worry about gifts while the kids are so young and they don’t understand why they are giving gifts. We also are trying to save money and we are both okay with not getting gifts. It was just another Sunday for Marc. Yes, we said Happy Father’s Day. We went to church and then to my parent’s house. We swam in their pool with the kiddos. Marc drove us home and we had them in bed by 8 p.m. We relaxed and watched TV together.

It was just another Sunday.

There doesn’t have to be a special time or place for Marc to spend time with his family. He does it every day. Today is not another Tuesday. It’s Lucy’s 1-year-post-surgery-MRI-checkup-visit. So where is Marc? He’s right beside me. He’s that kind of dad. He  would not miss being here for his daughter.

Marc sticker

On our way to St. Louis last night, he checked his watch and said, “Are you going to call and see if Charlie went to bed? I would like to say goodnight to him.” He’s that kind of dad.

boys cropped

He plays with his kids every night. Every. Single. Night. If you wonder why Charlie likes to play soccer, baseball, basketball, football, etc., it’s because his Daddy plays with him. Yes, he’s fairly good at sports for a 3-year-old, but Charlie doesn’t care if he’s good or not. He cares about playing with his Daddy, so Marc throws the ball to him. One last pitch usually lasts 30 minutes.

Lucy is a Daddy’s girl through and through. Yes, bedtime belongs to Mama and when she gets hurt, she wants her Mama to kiss her booboos. Then she wants Daddy to hold her. Her Daddy is her superhero. Marc doesn’t call Lucy by her birth name. Marc calls her “Princess.” She responds to it too.

Sunday was just another day, but Marc is not just another Dad. I didn’t post on Father’s Day for a reason. I don’t appreciate Marc on one day a year. I appreciate him every day. Every. Single Day.


UPDATE: Lucy is getting her MRI done right now. I’m not nervous. She’s okay. My guard is down. God’s got this.



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