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Easy Birthday

Easy Birthday


I like to keep things easy these days. Lucy's 2nd birthday party was pretty low key. We invited close family. We have a big family, so that encompasses almost 25 people. We kept the decorations and food (hot dogs and chips) simple. We even put Gatorade, soda and water on ice so we don't have to mess up cups and drink dispensers.


We brought out the outdoor toys and the sprinkler for entertainment. This works well because Lucy loves the water!


My mom made butterfly cupcakes, which probably were the most complicated piece of the party planning. Thanks Granny!


The party was easy and fun. It was nice not stressing about the details and just enjoying time with my little girl and all of her cousins.


Well a lot of them. This is not all of them. Not even close.


She got some great gifts.


By the end of the party, she was exhausted.


Because the party was pretty laid back, I wasn't tired. I'm in favor of easy parties!


God's Got This.

Every. Single. Day.

Marshmallows and Time

Marshmallows and Time