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Progress, I guess

Progress, I guess


I've made progress... I think. Probably not. Lucy had her monthly AFP blood work on Monday morning. This is the first time I've taken her in the morning. I typically take her in the afternoon. I call to get the results by noon the following day because I have no patience when it comes to her health. Our doctor laughs at my impatience. She's even told me that I was morepatient the entire time Lucy was going through her treatments than I am now.

Like I said, this time I took her first thing in the morning. This way I could get the result the same day. I decided that I was not going to call the hospital. I would be patient. Luckily, work is crazy busy so I didn't have much time yesterday to think about her results. Five o'clock came and I had not heard from the hospital.

I got to work today and decided that I was still not going to call. I was certain I would get a call before noon. Well lunch came and gone and still no call.

I knew that the clinic at St. Louis Children's Hospital closes at 4:30 p.m., so I decided that I couldn't take the anticipation any longer. I called. Well I found out that the storm brewing is preventing their computers from working properly. The operator/nurse said that she would work on it and try to get back to me his afternoon, but it might be tomorrow morning.


So, plan B. STL Children's reports back to my pediatrician, so I thought maybe they reported back to the pediatrician before the computers went down. I called the pediatrician and I got nothing.

I buried myself in my work once again so I wouldn't go completely crazy. All I could think is... just my luck. I thought I was making progress. I was also thinking, maybe the doctors are talking about next steps before calling me because the results were bad. These are my honest thoughts. I immediately think the worse.

Then, I got the call. Her AFP is 7.8, which is in the normal range. WOOHOO

Peace of minD. Let's keep on living for another month.

God's got this.

I cooked mexican food, which is her favorite tonight.

Mexican 2.jpg

Lucy's May Results Are In

Lucy's May Results Are In

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