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I asked God for Cancer

I asked God for Cancer

February has been pretty emotional for Marc and myself. The Facebook memories are awesome when you look back on good memories. We are holding our breath this month until the day comes when the memory of the “monster” shows up on our newsfeed. Lucy was diagnosed with cancer late February of last year. I still can’t say the 'c' word without getting emotional. My little girl had to go through so much before she was even potty trained (she's still not potty trained). I never wrote this before, but I remember laying in the hospital at night praying to God to take the cancer out of her body and put it into mine. Everyone knows that parents would do anything for their children, but until you actually pray to God and ask him for cancer you do not understand how desperate a parent can be.

I'm sure that's how the parents of Robert, Randall and Dee Evans, feel right now. Desperate.

Lucy’s diagnosis anniversary is next week. How do we celebrate a day I want to forget? How do we commemorate a day that I cried from my gut all the way to my tear ducts?

This is how…

We remember that Lucy was not the only one in the hospital. Lucy Jo’s journey will never be over because the fear of re-occurrence will always live inside of my family. It’s not over for all of the children who are still battling childhood cancer. So we are going to join forces with all of those who helped us and we will help another child and family who needs support… Robert Evans.

Robert’s parents are living the nightmare we did last year, except this is their 3rd time with their son. As a parent, you never forget the day that the doctors say, “your child has cancer.” Robert’s parents have heard that statement THREE TIMES! My heart cannot comprehend that.

This is an update on Robert:

“Robert has been really sick these past few weeks and I’m at home working and Dee is with Robert in St. Louis. She really has had her hands full. He has been miserable for a while.” - Randal Evans

Are you ready to help them? I hope so. I know I am. We are having a good ol’fashion pie supper and auction next weekend, February 27, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Caulfield Community Building. All proceeds will go to Robert and his family.

childhood cancer [331191].jpgThis same Ozark tradition was orchestrated for Lucy and I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. The money was great and it helped out so much. However, the overwhelming amount of support made all of the difference. Knowing how many people care about my perfect little baby girl helped me get out of bed every day. The support from so many people gave me the physical strength to care for her at home and at the hospital. The support dried my tears literally. I didn’t feel so alone when I was alone with my sick baby.

This picture will forever be cherished.

showed up

My hope is that the auction for Robert will give him and his family the same strength that Lucy’s did for me and my family. Don't underestimate a $1. Don't underestimate your presence at the auction. Don't underestimate your donation. Don't underestimate your prayer.

All of us coming together to support this family will help them in more ways than one.


Today is difficult. I love my life.

Today is difficult. I love my life.

She did WHAT at Walmart?

She did WHAT at Walmart?