She did WHAT at Walmart?

I experienced a first at Walmart today. I know it is not that crazy to witness unusual things at America's favorite big box store, however, your jaw might drop when you hear what I saw. So, let me set the stage. I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, but it wasn't ready yet. So I did what every other person does at Walmart. I filled up my cart with stuff I didn't come in to buy. One of those items was a Valentine's Day present for my son (Pa Patrol watch). It was there that I noticed a mom having a hard time with her son who looked about the same age as mine.

She was sighing and struggling as he whined for toys. He was not speaking kindly to say the least and he stomped his foot in the cart where he sat. I tried not to stare, because I've been there.

It's beyond embarrassing when my children are misbehaving. There are times that it's just completely humiliating. Sometimes I wonder if people believe that I don't know how to discipline my children.

My prescription was ready approximately 30 minutes later. That same little boy caught my eye while I was in the checkout line. I know he was a sweet boy, but you could tell it was just his nap time. His mom was trying her very best to keep him in control while she was getting some groceries. However, the unthinkable happened. He got upset, stood up in the cart and stomped his foot. Without missing a beat, she spanked his bottom. Yes, I said it. She spanked her child in Walmart.


I couldn't believe it either! I was shocked! I wasn't shocked THAT she spanked her child. I was shocked that she did it IN WALMART. There have been times I've wanted to spank my child in Walmart, but I've been too afraid what people would say or think. I am mostly afraid that someone would yell "child abuse" and call the police.

I immediately looked around at everyone's reactions. To my surprise, no one was startled. I overhead someone say "good for her." I heard an older grandma looking lady say, "more kids need one of those."

I don't know who that mom is out there, but I want to thank her. Thank you for reminding me that how I parent is my choice and I should not be ashamed.

And even this sweet face can disobey.

Yes, my little boy spent 2 months in the NICU. He has a million allergies. Yes, my little girl is a cancer survivor. Yes, we spank both of them when they cross the line. We just haven't done it in Walmart... yet.