180,000 Miles of Life

Not that I believe anyone actually misses my posts, but it feels like an eternity since I've updated everyone on my glamorous life. I know you are waiting on pins and needles for all of the updates of what's happening in Hubbell House. Well here it comes... drum roll please... Life.

That's what has happened. The pure insanity of a normal life as we know it. The life that a lot of people live.

  • I've been sick with bronchitis. The older i get the more viruses turn me into a whiny baby. I'm also Paranoid Polly and Hypochondriac Holly since Lucy's diagnosis.
  • Charlie has decided to start sleep walking.
  • Lucy is a mess. A pure, innocent, healthy, ornery, loud MESS.
  • Marc is learning how to pick up more duties while I'm sick and i think he wants a break.
  • It's tax season and that takes up a LOT of our time due to gathering medical expenses.
  • We are planning a benefit auction for a local 14-year-old boy who is battling cancer. I will post about that later this week.
  • My cousin is getting married in March and all 4 of us are in the wedding.
  • My work is in its busy season (although I don't think we have a slow season anymore).
  • I'm also helping plan a BBQ cook-off for the West Plains Downtown Revitalization Board in May. I'll post later about that too.

Life is CRAZY, but amazing. Marc and I are also planning things for our future. We are focused on our finances and getting rid of our student loan debt (mainly mine). We are planning to build our dream house. We want to have a college saving account for our kids. We want to take vacations with our kids. We want to experience new things together as a couple and as a family. This life is CRAZY, but oh so good.

So why am I posting this odometer?


My car rolled over 180,000 miles this weekend and it got me thinking about where this car been. Marc bought my car before we met, so it's seen him in his single years. He drove it back and forth to Texas when I lived there. When I moved to Little Rock, he drove it there too. When we married, the car became mine. It's seen 2 states, 2 houses, 2 pregnancies, 2 NICU stays, 1 cancer patient and many many wonderful moments in between.

These 180,000 miles reminded me that planning is good, but living is important too. Living and enjoying all of our blessings is VERY important. Living and enjoying life is what we fought cancer so hard to get.