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This year I will...

This year I will...

me again You followed Lucy Jo's story last year. You followed the highs and lows. You cried with us. You rejoiced with us. You prayed with us.

This year, you can follow my story... if you want.

A Facebook friend of mine has also gone through a health experience that consumed much of her life last year. She recently posted that she doesn't want to be defined by this experience. This made me think about Lucy's life. This made me think about my own. I know I will always think about cancer for the rest of my life. There won't be a day that the 'c' word won't run through my brain. Gold ribbons hold a special place in my heart. Relay for life will be on my calendar.

Now, I'm wondering what else I will think about. I wonder if there is more to me than the mother of the little baby girl that had cancer last year. I believe there is, but I haven't seen her in quite awhile. I have forgotten who I am in the midst of trips to St. Louis and trips to the ER.

I forgot until I jumped on the scales last week. It was like a slap in the face. I'm not brave enough to tell the world what it said. I'm brave enough to admit that I did what most moms do. I put myself last. I didn't have time for me in 2015, but this is 2016. This year will be different.

This year is my story. This year I will get healthy. This year I will blog about new recipes I am going to try. This year I will blog about updating and decorating my house. This year I will continue playing with makeup. This year I will introduce my kids to "Melody", not just their "mom." Oh, c'mon of course I will blog about my kids too. This year I might start writing a book. Who knows!

I hope you come along with me and find out what MY SOMO LIFE is like after my baby survives cancer.


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