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The Results Are In

After hours of waiting the results are in and Lucy Jo could not care less. That's the beauty of her age. She doesn't understand what's happening. She just waits for our reaction. We are counting our blessings that Lucy's MRI came back good. Her AFP is 6.1. Everything is golden! God's got this!

We don't have to go back to STL for 3 months and that's just for a x-ray, labs and a clinic visit. Her next MRI is in 6 months! Yes that is 6 whole months without sedation! She will still have monthly blood work, but things are looking good for my sweet girl.

Note: The docs are not too worried about the lump I felt. We have to trust them and we do. They saved her life!

*sigh* Life is pretty good.


I Can’t Imagine

Lump and MRI