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Lump and MRI

These visits never get easier. Today is her MRI, chest x-ray and blood work. We get anxious as this day gets near because we like to have reassurance that our baby girl is still cancer free. HOWEVER, seeing LJ get an IV and knowing that she is going to have anesthesia is never fun. So, it’s tough. To make things a little more intense, I noticed a little lump on her lower back this weekend. It’s about the size of a BB or small bead. I pointed it out to the nurse and they circled it. They said that they would look into it during the MRI.

Marc and I are trying not to freak out too much about it. We are playing it pretty cool, but inside my stomach is in knots. I know God’s got this, but I don’t know his plan. I don’t know what the future holds for LJ and our family. I don’t know if…

I’m not going to go there.

So, now we wait. We wait for the MRI to be done. We wait for the results. We wait to find out next steps, if there are next steps. We just wait and pray and hold each other.

We also call our Mamas. Yes, Marc is a Mama’s boy and I am a Mama’s girl. So we call our Mamas. We both understand needing that support and we do not judge each other for it.

We also distract ourselves with Pinterest, Facebook and anything else on our phones that will keep our mind at peace.

We wait… again.

LJ 1

LJ 2

The Results Are In

Hospital Again? Sure, why not.