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Hospital Again? Sure, why not.

Last night we visited the ER once again. This time was my Dad… again. He had stomach pain beyond his threshold. To make a long story short, he has diverticulitis. Go ahead and Google if you want the details. He’ll be okay though, that’s the most important part. He has to spend a couple days in the hospital on antibiotics. A couple of days in the hospital for an ol’farm boy is pretty much torture. He will be okay, though. God’s got this, right?

Side story: Marc and I have gone through the ER routine so much that we predicted that he would be admitted. Here is our vast knowledge of ER visits.

  • 4 Hours – This is a routine visit stay. If you arrive at 6 p.m. and you get right in, the 10 p.m. If you spend an hour in the waiting room, it will be 11 p.m. Does that make sense? If you are lucky enough to have a small issue like an allergic reaction or something stuck in your eye, the nurse practitioner will be able to treat you and you could be on your way home in 2 hours.
  • 5+ Hours – You will be admitted. They are looking for a room. They are doing paperwork. They are checking on insurance. Once you hit the 5 hour mark, prepare to stay awhile.

Daddy’s been through a lot the last few years, but he’s a tough ol’man. I still hate to see him in a hospital gown. This print is not flattering on anyone!

Daddy's Hands

Lump and MRI

Making Memories

Making Memories