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A "need" for Christmas

My husband and I realize that we are blessed... very blessed. Our children are very blessed as well. One thing that my kids value is people. They don't care what they are playing with as long as they are playing with someone very special to them. In order to keep that value instilled in them, we try to not put value on "stuff" as much as we possibly can. That's very difficult, because... well I like "stuff." I don't value "stuff" over people, but I still like to shop and I like my things.

One way we have found to keep our "stuff" in perspective is to use the 4-gift rule. For Christmas we give our kids 4 gifts each:

  1. Something to wear.
  2. Something to read.
  3. Something they want.
  4. Something they need.

I just joined Influenster which is an online organization that is based on reviewing products and sharing your thoughts on the products. I received a product at no cost of my own to review.

The product I received the Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier. This product is something that Charlie actually needs due to his crazy allergies, but it also has a side perk. It projects images on the ceiling. He's been going through the phase where he does want to stay in bed. This occupies his senses so he will stay in bed and finally fall asleep.

If you are thinking about about using the 4-gift rule for Christmas, this product is a pretty cool "need" gift.


Do you have reasons?

Do you have reasons?

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