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Hallmark Weekend

My husband loves chick flicks. This time of year is one of his favorites because Hallmark movies are on full force – even on Netflix. The cheesier the storyline, the more he is glued to the screen. He would be mortified that I’m putting this out there except everyone already knows this about him. I have learned to like them as well. Most of the movies have a moral to the story and they typically all start out with a sad character. Sometimes there is an orphan, a single mom or there is the always favorite, ill-stricken lead star of the show.

This weekend is coming to an end and I’ve realized my life is a Hallmark movie. You know how our year began with the ill-stricken lead star of our family. The Hubbells' will finish out 2015 happy and healthy just like a Christmas Hallmark movie. How am I so confident tonight? Because I did a whole lot of normal this weekend and I was reminded that life is not always complicated.

I played horsey with my son and made cookies with him too. I tickled my little girl and watched her play with our dog, Lulu. I cleaned and organized. I watched movies and painted my fingernails. It was a nothing-special-kind-of-weekend, but it was super special.




God's [obviously] got this.

A "need" for Christmas

The key word is “we”

The key word is “we”