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Making Sense

Making Sense

My goal for this blog post is to try to make sense. Note #1

Marc has had a week much like I had a few weeks ago X10. He had a close family friend/elementary principal pass away. Another family friend was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. We are also following other St. Louis Children’s Hospital cancer patients on Facebook. It was difficult to make a connection with families because the circumstances are so demanding. However, we like to keep up with how they are all doing on Facebook. Unfortunately, I can’t say that they are all doing as well as Lucy. To say that the Hubbell House is emotional, is putting it mildly.

Note #2

I’m still ridiculously nervous about Lucy’s next appointment (which was rescheduled for Wednesday, November 4). The results from the tests are almost like the results from a court trial and she could be punished for a crime she never committed. Her results are also like a fortune cookie that could come true. The results will lay out how the next steps of our lives will be planned. I never considered myself a controlling person, but I HATE not having control over her health. I know, I know. God’s got this.

Note #3

Marc and I are unbelievably happy. Our kids literally make us laugh every day. We love living in West Plains. We love our jobs. We have amazing family and friends. I have a lot of blessings… I mean A LOT! Marc, Charlie, Lucy Jo and I ate at Pizza Hut after church. We all four ate at the same time. Food was not thrown. Drinks were not spilled. No one screamed. No one cried. No one left with a punishment waiting for them at home. It was AMAZING.

Note #4

Our church hosted a fellowship bonfire after services tonight. I sang a song, while sitting by a fire with my little girl sitting in my lap. Her half-inch-hair tickled my cheek as I listened to her giggle as she watched the fire crack and grin at her Granny and Papa. It’s moments like those that I never take for granted.

Trying to make sense…

The fact that we are at the point in our lives that we don’t cringe taking two kids in public is a ticket to be a part of society. I’ve been dreaming about this time for three years. Now that we got a taste of it, I don’t want to go back. We’ve been in a happy bubble for 3 months now. It gets better by the day. We get reminded that life is precious. I know more than ever that there are no promises.

…does any of this make sense?





Sometimes we cry

Sometimes we cry