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Lucy Jo 15 months Lucy Jo is doing so good. She’s a very happy little girl. She’s a Daddy’s girl until she’s hurting and then Mama to the rescue. She snurls her nose when she smiles like her Pops. She’s ornery like her big brother. They say that she might have curly hair (due to chemo) like her Aunt Chrisy. She will be 16 months old on October 12. She’s thriving.

Yet, the roller coaster is not over. We are coasting right now, but we aren’t off this scary ride. I debated about blogging details for fear that the information would be misconstrued. However, you have supported LJ along her journey thus far and you deserve to know the latest news.

Lucy Jo had her routine blood draw on Wednesday to find out what her AFP level is at this point. The AFP level is the major indication that she had cancer at the beginning of her diagnosis. Her level was more than 25,000 last February. Below 8 is normal and her last draw was at a 6. We rejoiced! We were literally on Cloud 9! Her second level check post chemo was on Wednesday and it came back at 15.

(Read more about AFP.)

Deep breath.

If you remember, her MRI showed a spot that might be could be a number of things – some harmless.

(Read to jog your memory about her last MRI.)

So this Mama is nervous as to why her AFP is elevated above the normal level in addition to wanting an answer as to what the spot was on her MRI. Her doctor is not as nervous. Please do not be mistaken by my anxiousness. There is a good chance that the level is not an accurate indication that anything is wrong with LJ. With that said, I’m her Mama and I’m nervous.

Next Steps: Lucy will have another MRI on October 28th (it was previously scheduled anyway as a checkup). We will check her AFP level once again. After that, I don’t know.

Again, please do not be mistaken, she might be completely healthy. I don’t know. The doctors aren’t completely alarmed, however she’s on their radar.

That’s all I know. Please pray. #GodsGotThis.

Sometimes we cry

Sometimes we cry

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