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Weekend and Wednesday


Once upon a time, I lived a life where I dreamt about getting married, having kids and having a career. I was going to have it all. I was also going to be able to make my kids a top priority, but not my life. I thought it was possible to love my kids with all of my heart, but not make them the center of your universe.

Well, I was wrong.

They are the center of my universe and I LOVE IT!

So, we took Charlie to Silver Dollar City yesterday thanks to Marc’s employer Hircsh Feed and Farm Supply. This was their company retreat! They are an awesome company.

We did whatever Charlie wanted to do and he loved every minute of it. SDC has grown a lot since I was a kid though. I encourage everyone to revisit it if it has been awhile. I do not love riding rides, but I LOVE watching Charlie giggle as he takes his turn.


If you know me well, you know that I’m a Mama’s girl. I adore my mother to the point that I get on her nerves. She’s not a helicopter mom, but I am a needy daughter. I am fully aware and I’ve come to terms with it. I’m okay with it even though she’s not. Love you Mama! (Yes, I call her Mama.)

One thing my mother has never done in her life is fly. As mentioned above, I don’t love amusement park rides and neither does she. She also doesn’t love the idea of flying in an airplane, but she wants to do it at least one time in her life. Well the time has come! I’m going to California on Wednesday for a conference for work and Miss Mama Susie is coming with me!

I’m beyond excited. She’s not. She will be. Stay tuned.


Having It All

Having It All