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Having It All

Having It All

Marc and I are not different than any other married couple. We bicker. For. No. Reason. However, it doesn't last long these days. Marc and I were arguing about something that I cannot even remember. We did this right before nap time on Saturday. So as you can imagine, the kids were not helping the situation. We put them to bed and just looked at each other. Finally I said, "what do we really have to complain about?"

Marc grinned and said, "Nothing." He then pulled me towards him and we hugged.

Our lives aren't perfect. We are both out of shape. We have student loans. We still have dreams we are striving to reach. So it's not as if we "have it all." With all of that said...

Lucy and Charlie took a bath together for the first time Saturday night.


Lucy ate speghetti for the first time Sunday afternoon.

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So, we kinda do have it all and I am so grateful.


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