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Laura's Story

This is Laura. She is my little cousin who lives in my house and helps me take care of my kiddos. I babysat her when she was a baby with her little mo-hawk curl. I had a hard year with LJ and I don't know what I would have done without her. She's a very strong 19-year-old who is going to do amazing things. This is her story. Her words, not mine.


This is me today, a day that I feel happy. I woke up early, picked out some nice clothes even put on makeup. My friends know that it's some what out of my normal. I'm finally becoming comfortable with myself again and breaking my own limits to make myself happy.

The reason I'm making this such a big deal about this is September is National Suicide Awareness Month.

I've struggled with severe bipolar depression since I was 15. I've not told many people about this, even my best friend never knew it was this bad until it was almost too late. On February 18th of this year I took the step to end my depression and pain. I text the important people in my life and simply said "I love you" my mother showed up at my apartment as I was lying in my floor, clumps of my own hair missing and attempting to overdose on prescription medications. I was immediately taken to the hospital and checked into the Stress Until at OMC. I spent 3 days there. I had so many visitors while I was there, so many gifts and so many people calling me. Many of the nurses wondered why? The easiest way I can think of explaining it, it's like when you're going through puberty with all your weird acne and stuff but people still say you're beautiful or you will grow out of it but to you, you just look and smell weird. I didn't believe it would pass or I would grow out of it. I struggled finding self worth.

7 months later I am back in school, have a great full time job and an amazing family that I get the privilege to live with and have support me every day. I have my best friend that stood by me every day since and visited me every day in the hospital. I have also been blessed with an amazing boyfriend that came into my life shortly after my incident and has helped me in my recovery and encourages me to never give up. I am not putting this on social media for attention, I'm just saying that it's real. I'm sharing my story to tell people that it's okay to ask for help. Most would never know if I wouldn't tell you. Don't make fun of people in a situation like mine and never ever use suicide for attention, it's a serous matter. And you can fight without ever ending you're life. I promise.

(She gave me permission to post this. It came word-for-word off of her Facebook page.)

Having It All

Having It All

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