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Moving On

Lucy is healthy… for the most part. I am not… not as healthy as I want to be. Therefore, I’m sucking up the excuses and taking one day at a time and one step at a time… literally. Today is day 3 of walking with a stroller in West Plains. This is what I learned.

  1. I am EXTREMELY out of shape. When you know you are out of shape when your inner thighs hurt when walking. Did you know you use your inner thigh muscles when you walk? Well I didn’t until I walked yesterday for an hour and a half and now my inner thighs hurt. Sorry if that is TMI -- just being honest.
  2. Lucy likes to stroll. She is a hyperactive little thing, but strolling chills her out. It doesn’t chill her squeals out 100%, but it does calm her physical activity. Sometimes she can even catch a nap.
  3. I like West Plains. We have some nice walking trails.
  4. I have no excuses. I actually enjoy myself when I walk. It gives me time to talk to a walking buddy, think when I’m alone and breathe. I know breathing seems obvious. However, I think I’ve been holding my breath for 6 months, so it’s nice to just breathe for a while. (Okay panting most of time because I’m so out of shape!)

Regardless, we are moving on.

Sleeping Beauty.

= time that I don't get to myself

Life is Short