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My Bubble Popped

There’s a point in my life where my bubble popped. I don’t know when or where it happened, but it popped. When I was young, I didn’t understand illnesses and death. I hadn’t gone to a funeral until I was a teenager. I didn’t visit a lot of people in the hospital. I was sheltered from sadness. I lived in a happy bubble. I didn’t understand that life happens. I didn’t understand that mountains are for everyone to climb. I didn’t understand that doing the right thing wouldn’t mean that I would never have problems. I didn’t understand that bad things happen to good people.

Looking back, I have had mountains. I have had problems. I have had sadness in my life. In the midst of the hard times, there still have been blessings. And even in the worse tribulations, I am still lucky.

A friend of my family lost a 5-month-old baby to SIDS. As you may know, there are no exact reasons to why or how, but it happened. From one Mom to another, my heart breaks for her. She’s a young mom who had big dreams for her daughter and her family. Her plans have now changed.

I know firsthand what it feels like to have others lift my spirit just by their giving hearts. If you are able, please donate to her daughter’s fund, which will be used for burial costs. Because who has life insurance on new babies?

Your help is needed and much appreciated.

Chad and Abby Casey for Little Londyn: http://www.gofundme.com/my26jjg8abby

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