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In SICKNESS and in Health

Marc There’s never a dull moment in the Hubbell House. As stated on Facebook, Lucy Jo had a hole in her broviac. Unfortunately and apparently, this happens with small tubes and handsy babies. After it was all said and done, I’m pretty proud of the teamwork Marc and I have when it comes to family emergencies. We have our roles. Marc becomes the nurse who gets supplies, in this situation, clamps the tube, and cleans the dressing. I become the nurse who keeps the situation managed. I keep Lucy AND Marc calm. I call the home nurse and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. After the immediate situation is under control, then we both come up with plan to figure out the next steps for the following day with work, Charlie and the 4-hour-drive.

Our kids are amazing and they are getting healthier by day. I am also learning that Marc and I make a pretty good team. I don’t praise him enough, but I am glad he’s my partner in crime for better and for worse – in SICKNESS and in health. He’s mine.

By the way, Lucy’s broviac is fixed. She’s at the sitter’s house. Charlie is at preschool. Marc and I both returned to work today. All is well.


The Hubbell Bubble

The Hubbell Bubble