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The Hubbell Bubble

The Hubbell Bubble

For six months, my world has revolved around getting a monster out of my little girl. While I wouldn’t change a thing about my time management during that piece of my life, I’m ready to get out of this bubble. I’ve missed 0727151621bso much. This weekend I noticed that Charlie has HAIR on his legs. This is how the conversation went…

“Charlie, you have hair on your legs!” I said.

“I do?” Charlie asked.

“Yes, it’s all over your legs.” I said.

“Gross, get it off Mama!” he whined.

Yes, this is a normal occurrence for an almost 3-year-old boy. However, after speaking to Marc, he has had hair on his legs for a few months now. I MISSED IT! I had not even noticed a change with my son like hair on his legs. It is nothing special, but I still did not notice.Finely

This weekend Charlie, Lucy and I were in Charlie’s room organizing his toys (ha!). I turned around for one second and Lucy had crawled out of the room and headed for the stairs. Before I could get to her, she had climbed up three steps! Why am I pointing this out? My world froze for 6 months. My house was a mess, my hair stayed a mess, my health wasn’t taken care of like it should be, my work suffered – EVERYTHING stopped and waited on the ‘c’ word to disappear from our lives. Lucy’s world did not stop though. Her life did not freeze in time. She kept growing and developing. Although, I was with her almost every minute of her life, I feel like I missed 6 months of her life.

I know there are so many other things I have missed. My friends’ and families’ lives moved forward and I wasn’t there for them. I even missed a COMPLETE pregnancy of a sweet lady that goes to my church. No kidding. She walked in this Sunday with a newborn and I had no idea she was even pregnant! (Sorry and congratulations Finley!)

I've literally lived with a hospital bag for 6 months. I've been ready to go at a moment's notice almost every day for 180 days. After I realized that I had missed so much, I decided to live a little and unpack my bag.


It’s never my intention to whine or complain on here. I am a VERY blessed woman. After being next door to other patients in the hospital with not-so-promising prognosis, I know we are lucky with Lucy Jo. I know that God has blessed us with ONLY 6 months of chaos and we got to bring her home where she will live happily every after.

I’m also blessed that I can live outside the ‘c’ word Hubbell bubble and enter normalness now.

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