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Full Circle

After the 5th cycle, we were home for exactly five days before we had to go back. Lucy's blood count was really low, she had RSV and an ear infection. After strong antibiotics and a blood transfusion, we were released. Now we will be home for another 5 days before we go back again for round 6 -- the FINAL ROUND. If you recall, Lucy was fighting an ear infection when she was diagnosed. Now she just got over another one. This wasn't the 2nd or even the 3rd new ear infection. So, Lucy has another hiccup.

July 14-18: Chemo.

July 19: Post-hydration.

July 20: Ear tubes.

Compared to what LJ has overcome so far, tubes are nothing. However, this Mama is still a little nervous. No matter what she faces, all I want to do is trade places with her.



She Sleeps

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