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I worked last week. I put my head down and got a lot done on a project. I really enjoy my job. I cleaned my house on Friday and we went to a fish fry that night with fireworks. We spent the 4th of July swimming and playing outside. We went to Cloud 9 Ranch to watch fireworks. I felt almost "normal." We were doing things people do. image



I haven't seen Charlie smile as big as he did this weekend in a long time... Despite my LJ radar going off telling me something was up.

I admit, I ignored the radar. I wanted one holiday with Charlie. Maybe it was selfish, but I think he needed it. I know I did.

Lucy will be fine. We are getting a blood transfusion today which will help her fight the RSV. She is getting antibiotics which will help her ear, so her body can focus on fighting the RSV.

Another day in the life of a 'c' word mom. I'm not complaining. I'm really not. We see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light shines on more "normal" days with TWO healthy kids.

I'm just anxious.

Just Call Me Positive Polly

July 14