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Wait For The Punch Line

Wait For The Punch Line

LJ's biggest fan! Thanks Jovan for the shirts!!! We are 2 weeks post-surgery and feeling great! Lucy JPicsArt_1435284745645o is such a trooper and has recovered beautifully, despite not wanting to drink from a bottle anymore. My baby girl is growing up so fast right before my eyes. We began this journey when she was barely army crawling. Now she is cruising along side of the couch and can race anyone on all fours. She has 6 teeth and eating anything from baby food to table food. She can say "hi" and "bye bye" and "uh oh."

Marc and I are more patient than we were 4.5 months ago. We are more tired. We are more educated about childhood cancer. We also appreciate the little things in life a little more. PicsArt_1435284896392

Marc and I are watching a television series on Netflix called "Chasing Life." It's about a 20-something woman finding out she has cancer. We are at the point where she is in remission. During the last episode we watched she states something like "I can't imagine my life without having had cancer and I'm glad I had it."

Never will I ever say that I am glad Lucy went through the pain that she did. Never will I ever say I'm glad that her life was threatened. Never will I ever say that I'm glad that my entire family was terrified. HOWEVER, I'm glad that I have the perspective I have now, which happened because of the 'c' word.

God is good.

I have an amazing family. I have awesome friends near and far. My community is irreplaceable. My baby girl is going to live a long and fulfilling life. Perspective.


... and then there is Obamacare... Just kidding... You didn't seet that coming, did ya?

Update: We are back in STL for Lucy's 5th cycle of chemo. We only have 1 more left to do! Her ANC is at 10. It went down from 16. I just want to remind you that the tumor that was taken out was benign. So these last 2 cycles are basically precautionary. We should be home on Monday!


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